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G e o f f  S i m p s o n  P h o t o g r a p h y

p r o f i l e

Curlew calling

w e l c o m e   t o   g e o f f s i m p s o n p h o t o g r a p h y . c o m

This site is designed to show the work of one of today's foremost professional natural history and outdoor photographers, Geoff Simpson. His approach, vision and philosophy for photographing, writing about and studying the wildlife, wild nature and wild places of the British Isles and Iberian Peninsula. Also contained within the site which is updated regularly, you'll find information relating to art prints, audio-visual presentations, tuition, photo tours and lots more.



Geoff on Kinder Scout, Peak District National Park

p r o f i l e

Born in Jesmond, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and brought up in rural Northumberland, England. Geoff has many prestigious photo, editorial and front cover credits published to-date, he is continuously driven by expressing the beauty and intricacy of the wildlife, wild nature and wild places of the British Isles and Iberian Peninsula that continually inspire him.

An outstanding field naturalist and dedicated life-long conservationist, his images strikingly capture emotionally and artistically the essence of his chosen subject. He brings to his work a strong personal vision, capturing those unique moments in time when composition, light and colour combine to create an outstandingly evocative image. Showcased on the Microsoft Expression Media - iViewMedia Pro 3 website and as a testament to the quality of Geoff's work he has been described in Digital Camera and Photography Monthly magazines as "one of today's finest wildlife photographers. Geoff has appeared on BBC1 and Radio 4 on wildlife photography related subjects. He regularly lectures and provides individual tuition in the Peak District and leads wildlife photography holidays in the Algarve region of Portugal.

Today, Geoff's time is divided between his home on the edge of the Peak District National Park, England with magnificent views from his office of the Dark Peak massif, Kinder Scout and the vastly contrasting landscape of the Iberian Peninsula. Geoff's interests include hiking upon the wild moorlands and gritstone edges of the Peak District National Park and generally being outdoors, reading and learning to speak Portuguese.






European Chameleon

a p p r o a c h   a n d   v i s i o n

"My passion for natural history and the desire to be outdoors was installed from early childhood. Walks along the bank's of Northumberland's, River Wansbeck accompanied by my father and grandfather would often be a rewarded by a fleeting glimpse of a kingfisher, a leaping salmon making it's arduous journey up river or watching countless numbers of elvers from the stepping stones at Bothal. My early influences were eminent wildlife artists Keith Shackleton, Sir Peter Scott and J.C. Harrison as opposed to photographers. Attempts at becoming a watercolour artist were thwarted by my inability to recognise when a painting was complete. It was not until my mid-thirties that I became seriously interested in photography, partly out of my desire to reacquaint and document the various expressions of nature I had witnessed.

"Being constantly on the lookout for new and interesting subjects to photograph and new ways to look at things has undoubtedly increased my powers of observation and enhanced the quality of my interactions with the world around me. Instead of simply documenting my subject, my approach has become a search for beauty and connectedness with whatever I photograph. I considered myself a photographer of the natural world, this includes people interacting with their own environment."

"With my work I hope to promote awareness, dignity and respect. Trying to convey my own empathetic feeling of awe over the wonders and the beauty and expressions of the natural world. I try to capture whenever possible the essence of Britain's and the Iberian Peninsula's unique natural history, wild places and the way people interact with nature. I consider my photography to be a celebration of the natural world. If people are moved by something, they inevitably want to know more about it; there is something to keep and cherish. Environmental thinking is not only about ideas, but also about spirit, feeling and action."







i n t e r n a t i o n a l   a w a r d

Red Grouse proclaiming it's territory - Hasselblad Xpan II - 45mm lens

i n t e r n a t i o n a l   w i l d b i r d   p h o t o g r a p h e r   o f   t h e   y e a r   2 0 0 5

Winning image Birds in Britain category    

p h i l o s o p h y

"I work to a strict self-imposed ethical code of conduct that ensures that none of his subjects are harmed in any way in an effort to capture an image. Conservation and the need to protect fragile ecosystems are key themes that run through everyone of my images. Photography is discipline, patience and perseverance, but more importantly for me, it is also the means by which I am able to be a part of the magic of nature. When I'm out in the field I think of these times as special times which I never take for granted. My challenges and triumphs as a photographer are one and the same, seeing and attesting to my relationship with both the intimate details and grand landscapes while trusting that I am in the right place, at the right time, and perfect in the moment."

"The challenge I face as a photographer is to present images of everyday occurrences that awaken people's curiosity and interest and perhaps incite them to new awareness about the vital need to preserve the Earth as well as its inhabitants. Hopefully, I translate that for viewers who are not fortunate to be in the same place, making them stop, look and feel when they see one of my images. It is a privilege being able to live and work in places as beautiful as the British Isles and Iberia that are very special to me. If through my photography I can bring to others less fortunate an appreciation of natural history only then will I consider myself to be a successful photographer."






s e l e c t e d   f r o n t   c o v e r s

 Pink Footed Goose Carder Bee feeding on Lesser Teasel Northern Marsh Orchids Capercaillie Sand Lizard

Bluebell glade

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Fallow dawn


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