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Swallowtail butterfly basking in late afternoon light - Portugal

Geoff Simpson Photography Ltd.

1 Buxton Road   New Mills
High Peak   Derbyshire   SK22 3JS
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1663 743 089   Mobile: +44 (0)7813 082 132

Email: [email protected]





Whelk & Ebbing tide - Gwynedd, Wales

i m a g e   l i b r a r y

Geoff Simpson Photography Ltd image licences are sold to professional business users, picture editors, advertising agencies, design studios, multimedia producers, conservation and environmental organisations etc. The 400 images featured throughout this website are designed to show the eclectic nature of the authors work from an image library which currently holds upwards of 70,000 original images of the quality depicted throughout this website. Coverage in its broadest term includes Britain's and the Iberian regions of the Algarve, Portugal and Andalusia, Spain, diverse wildlife, natural history, landscapes, wild places, national parks, culture, farming, people, travel, ecotourism, historic buildings, monuments, industry, environmental issues and man's inter-relationships with the natural world. Geoff is committed to supporting wildlife and conservation projects though partnerships.

If you have a request for a subject please e-mail or call us where your request will be dealt with in a friendly, professional and prompt manner. Alternatively you may request our regularly updated stock list. All images are catalogued using Microsoft Media Expression - iViewMedia Pro3.





p r o f e s s i o n a l   c o m m u n i c a t o r s

Recognising that today’s professional communicators rely on the power of imagery like never before to entertain, to inform and to sell products is key. Prospective clients are looking for outstanding imagery to cut through the clutter - images that inspire; powerful images with impact that communicate beyond words. Geoff is able to provide images which meet this criteria consistently.



Praying Mantis defensive posturing - Portugal

i m a g e   f o r m a t   a n d   d e l i v e r y

  • Digital images are produced using the Canon 1D MkII & Canon 5D.

  • Digital images are supplied as non-interpolated unsharpened RGB TIFF's for final reproduction purposes.

  • Upon request low resolution JPEG images are available via email or DVD for perusal and layouts.

a s s u r a n c e s

  • A friendly, professional and prompt response to all business requests.

  • Premier quality evocative images with impact that communicate, inform and inspire.

  • Interesting text and image packages available to suit readership.

Ardnamurchan Point - Scotland

i n t e r n a t i o n a l   r e p r e s e n t a t i o n
  • Nature Picture Library (inc. BBC Natural History Unit Picture Library)
  • National Trust Photo Library
  • RSPB Images
c o p y r i g h t

The entire content, template, images and text on this website are copyright protected and may not be copied, used or reproduced without prior written permission. Reproduction rights for any images and/or words are sold for a specific usage within an agreed specified period and geographical location. All images and text remain the property of the author.

t r a d e   m a r k ™

Please note that the name visionwild is trade marked to Geoff Simpson Photography Ltd. Therefore, any use of this name by a third-party is illegal under all circumstances and will result in court action under the United Kingdom Trade Marks Act of 1994.







Leash Fen - Peak District National Park


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tel: 44 (0) 1663 743 089    mobile: 44(0) 7813 082 132   e-mail:

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