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G e o f f  S i m p s o n  P h o t o g r a p h y  L t d

f r o g s   a n d   o t h e r   a m p h i b i a n s

paul starosta and teddy moncuit

Publisher Natural World Press   ~   ISBN 10: 1-905377-05-3

Working as a professional nature photographer with a special interest in amphibians and having gazed over literally thousands of images of these slimy, warty creatures it takes a lot to impress me. The entire contents of this extraordinary publication are unquestionable one of the “one of the finest” books I’ve had the pleasure to read.
Each species has been photographed by Paul Starosta with a perfectionist’s eye in terms of composition and visual content. The accompanying text is written scientifically though the author Teddy Moncuit has the unique ability to captivate the reader with a casual interest as well as one with a more analytical necessity. Nowhere does the text attempt to overpower the images, the accompanying words are designed to compliment each photographic masterpiece.
The beauty of each creature is best illustrated on page 56 where the grace of Lithoria infrafrenata a green tree frog and page 102 Lepodactylus laticeps a multi-coloured leopard frog with its dazzling array of colours reminiscent of its terrestrial namesake.
If your recollection of slimy green frogs is similar one to mine of garden ponds overgrown with duckweed then this outstanding book will most certainly change your opinion of frogs and toads forever. Even what would generally be considered the dull, brown, warty varieties are transformed into works of art. Close-up or more precisely macro photography today is a scientific art which is clearly demonstrated throughout the publication to perfection.
Words apart, the sheer variety of form and immense character glowing from these pages is truly astonishing, allowing both armchair nature lovers and hardened photographers to enjoy each and ever page as a triumph in the science of art. The occasional lengthy captions provide a wonderful insight and illuminating facts about these often illusive and secretive creatures.
Layout, paper quality, colour reproduction, size and feel have been major considerations in the producing this masterpiece. Starosta and Moncuit co-authored Reptiles in 2002 the recipient of the prestigious Jacques Lacroix prize awarded by the Académie Française. A species and location guide this book most certainly is not, a masterpiece of evocative imagery and thoughtful words which will no doubt be well received by all who have pleasure of opening the front cover.


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